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Zhang Dongmei

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Zhang Dongmei  Domicile of origin: Shandong Province   Born in Dalian in 1961,
An expert in play Tsing Yi Dao Ma Dan (a female character type versed in shadowboxing)
National First-level Actress 
The Council Member of Dalian City Dramatists Association
The member of China National Democratic Construction Association
Zhang Dongmei graduated from Peking Opera Department of Dalian Art School in 1977. She learnt from Rong Lijuan, Wen Zhanping and Wei Lianfang and she was guided by Yuan Shihai and Mei Baojiu later. Her performance style inclined to Mei’s School. She is proficient in singing and kung fu skills and learns widely from others’ strong points and portrays wide range of characters. She actively explores more ways to depicting characters. She has played different female images with various personalities in The Story of Sue San, Second visit to the empress, Liang Hongyu, Muke Village, Fairy Sending Flowers, Yang Silang Visits His Mother, and modern Peking opera Cuckoo Mountain. Her other Mei’s School performances has been loved by audiences, such as Return of the Phoenix, Hongni Pass, Muke Village, Farewell to My Concubine.
She has gained the Eighth Liaoning Province Drama Rose Award, and visited over 20 countries and regions include Euro pea, Asia, America, and Hongkong where have obtained high praises by both Chinese and oversea audiences.