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Zhang Dajun

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Zhang Dajun was born in 1964 and his native place is Hubei. He is the Peking Opera Wusheng and the national first-class actor.
He was admitted to the Performance Department of Junior College of National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts in 1988. He learned and benefited from the artists including Wang Jinlu, Shang Changrong, Ding Zhenchun, Sun Shengyun, etc.
He graduated from National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts in 1990 and started to work in Dalian Peking Opera Theater at the same year. The plays he often performs include: Hate of an Arrow, Sunny Mansion, Lion Pavilion, The Pulley, A Battle at Changbanpo, Tielong Mountain, Uproar in Heaven, Xiao Shang River, Battle of Jizhou, Gan Ning's Hundred Horsemen Raid the Northern Camp, Purging Fushan, etc.
In 1992, he learned from the famous performing artist Li Huiliang and had a qualitative leap of the art. He acted Xiao Shang River in 2003 when CCTV Theater in the Sky came to Dalian to record a show. His excellent performance, solid basic skills and the role of Sun Wukong he plays are loved by many audiences. Besides the domestic performances, he also visited almost 20 countries and regions. Wherever he goes, the overseas friends speak highly of him.
1991   Screen Award of the National Young Peking Opera Performer TV Contest.
1993   Liaoning Province 3rd Drama Rose Award
2009   Title of Chinese Opera Red Plum and Golden Flower Award