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Ping Tao

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Ping Tao   Domicile of origin: Tianjin City   Born in Dalian in 1958,
An expert in playing a young man’s role in both civil and military
(Wen Wu Xiao Sheng)
National First-level Actor
The Member of Chinese Dramatists Association 
The Member of Liaoning Province Dramatists Association
The Council Member of Dalian City Dramatists Association
Ping Tao graduated from Peking Opera Department of Dalian Art School in 1977. He learnt from Shan Weiqun, Zhang Yupeng, Zhu Shifang, Xiao Runde, and then became the apprentice of Huang Zhengqin, Cai Zhengren, Zhang Chunxiao who were the famous performing artists. His voice is sweet with refined appearance, and he is adept to playing different characters with exquisite performing. The common plays include Flower Princess, The Legend of White Snake, Hongni Pass, Luo Cheng at the Gate, The Story of Sue San. In the new opera—“Xi Menbao”—played a notorious county leader. In the Duan Zhi Ji, he played Shen Rong from young to old. And in the modern opera “Sister Jiang”, he played Pu Zhigao. All the roles obtained high praises.
1994 Gained Liaoning Province Drama Rose Award
2001 Gained the Excellent Prize of the Fifth Liaoning Province Art Festival
Ping Tao has been visiting over 20 countries and regions, and gained high praise both in China and overseas.