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Guo Dongmei

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Guo Dongmei, an original native of Liaoning Province, born in 1959, a Peking opera performer of Pantaloon, is an A Level national performer, who serves as a member of Dalian Theatre Association.
In 1977, she graduated from the Peking Opera Department of Dalian Art School. After that she has learned with Ha Hongbin, Yin Junying and been tutored by the famous performers of Wang Mengyun, Wang Jinghua and Li Jinquan. The plays she has taken part in are Expecting Son Building, Finding Rich Son-in-law·Travel·Mourning in front of the Grave, Emperor’s Mother - Duan·Beating the Emperor’s Costume, Li Kui Visiting His Mother, Chisang Town, Prosperity Brought by the Dragon and Phoenix as well as the modern dramas of Shajiabang, The Red Lantern Story, Cuckoo Mountain, etc.
In 1986, she gained the Performance RPrize in the Youth Peking Opera and Local Opera of North and Northeast China Competition in Liaoning Province.
In 1996, she gained the 6th Theatre Rose Prize of Liaoning Province.
In 1982, she visited Finland, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Germany, Netherland, Japan, France, etc. and Hong Kong area with the diplomatic corps.