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Yue Feng

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Yue Feng    National Secondary Actor 
An expert in playing the young man’s role (Xiao Sheng)
Yue Feng graduated from Dalian Art School in 1996, and pursued advanced studies in Performing Art College of Beijing Normal University from 2000 to 2002. He has learnt opera performance from Zhu Shifen, Zhu Fuxia, Xiao Runde, Zhang Chunxiao, Wang Shixia, Lin Maorong, Ding Zhenshan, Liu Qi, Jin Xuebin, Bao Fei, Li Xihong. The common plays he often performs include Gathering of Heroes, The Butterfly Lovers·Recall Eighteen, Ya Guan Building, Da Zhi Shang Fen, Eight Hammers, Yellow Crane Tower, Piety Affect God, Zhou Ren Consecrate The Sister in Law, Yues Manor, Qi Shuang Hui, The Legend of White Snake, Return of the Phoenix, The Story of Sue San, Muke Village, Hongni Pass, Defeat Hongzhou, Wangjiang Pavilion, Chen Sanliang is tortured in Traditional Chinese Tribunal, Duan Zhi Ji, The Banquet, Yang Silang Visits His Mother, White Gate Tower, Mulian Saves His Mother, Luo Cheng at the Gate, Yuelai Shop, My Wife is Princess, Fang Pei, Exquisite Dream, and his out of character plays in ignominy include “Capture Sanlang Alive”, “Visit Grave”, “Little Buffalo Cowboy”, etc.
1998   Gained the First Prize of Dalian Stage Art Talent Show
1999   Gained the Performance Award of Dalian Exhibitions of New Plays & New Players
2002   Gained the Ninth Liaoning Province Drama Rose Award
2003   Gained the Golden Prize of Liaoning Province the Fifth Lanyu Cup Art Festival
2003   Gained Dalian Art Newcomer
2004   Gained the Silver Prize of National Guohua Cup Young and Middle-aged Opera Actor Contest
2005   Gained the First Prize of Dalian Professional Exhibitions
2006   Gained the First Prize of Dalian Exhibitions of New Plays & New Players
2012   Gained the Silver Prize of CCTV the Seventh National Youth Actors TV Contest