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Yang Cheng

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Born in 1987 in Tianjin, Yang Cheng has the passion for Peking Opera under the influence of his grandfather since his childhood. He entered Tianjin Guanying Chinese Opera School and learned Laosheng at the first time in 1999. He learned many operas including Silang Visits His Mother, The Third Wife Teaches the Son, Lost of Jie Ting, Sanjia Inn and so on from Zhang Ke, Lu Song, Wen Yurong, Dou Lianhe and other teachers. Then he transferred to learn Wusheng because of the change of his voice. He has studied Fight against Ma Chao, Centipede Ridge, Lin Chong's Nocturnal Escape, White Water Beach, Passing the Inn and other operas from Meng Fanzhong, Li Yingjie, Wang Zhongli and other teachers. He has been working in Dalian Peking Opera Theater after graduation in 2005. During the working period, the theater also invited some teachers and artists such as Meng Fanzhong, Li Yingjie, Xi Zhonglu, Ma Shaoliang, Song Feng, etc. to teach him. The operas they taught include Purging Fushan, Wu Song Beats the Tiger, Lion Pavilion, Village of Tigers, Jin Yan Bridge, A Battle at Changbanpo, Han Jin Kou, The Story of Capturing Tiger, etc. and he performed these operas in Qilin Stage and Hongji Stage. During this period, he won some prizes as follows:        
The 11th Liaoning Drama Rose Award
The First Prize of Dalian New People and New Operas
Meritorious Newcomer of Dalian Jiehua Art Foundation
Silver Award of 7th CCTV National Youth Peking Opera Actors TV Contest
Gold Award of Wusheng Group of 2nd Beijing Excellent Youth Actors Challenge Competition