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Bai Yang

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She was born on November 12th, 1989. Graduated from Liaoning Art School in 2006, she pursued her further study as a major in Acting in the School of Dramatic Arts at Shenyang Normal University and she graduated in 2010. Since October 2012, she has been serving as one of the staff in Dalian Peking Opera Company and used to be tutored by Guan Lichun, Huang Youpeng, etc.
Frequently performed plays: Hong Xian Steal the Gold Box, Beating Jiaozan with Stick, Muke Village. Hu Village, Save the Emperor Trapped in Shouzhou, Episode Caused by the Horse Kept off, Hua Mulan, Peacemaking Marriage of Wang Zhaojun, Hongqiao with the Pearl, Sizhou City, The Scheme of Zhulin, etc.
In 2002, she gained the National Drama “Little Plum” Screen Treasury Gold Prize.
In 2004, she gained the First Prize in the Yilishen Cup National Higher Education Academies of Art Competition.
In 2007, she gained the honorary title of Gold Flower in the 3rd National Red Plum Drama Competition and the 1st Prize in National Deep Insight Cup Competition.
In 2010, she gained the Gold Prize in the 1st TV Prize Competition for the Students of National Drama Academies, which was hosted by CCTV.
In 2012 she gained the Silver Prize in the 7th National TV Competition for Young Peking Opera Performers hosted by CCTV.
In 2013 she gained the New Star Prize in the Challenge Invitation Competition (Beijing) for the young Peking opera performers in Beijing.