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Han Yanan

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Han Yanan, female, born in 1989, works on an old female character type in Chinese operas. In 2006, she graduated from Shijiazhuang City School of Art. In 2008, she engaged in advanced studies in Beijing Opera Art’s College and joined in Dalian Peking opera Theatre in the same year.
She learned from many masters, such as Li Mingyan and Zhai Mo. Her adept operas are “Yue Fei’s Mother Tattooing on His Back”, “Kou Zhun’s Ceasing the Feast”, “Mengjin River”, “Silver Spear”, “Wang’er Tower”, “Yang Silang’s Visiting His Mother” and “Dragon and Phoenix” and so on.
In 2008, Han took part in Dalian Professional Art Performance-Troupe Technique Performance Competition and acted the leading role (Jiang Guizhi) in “Silver Spear”, which won her the first prize.
In 2009, she took part in the 4th session of Dalian New Opera Exhibition for New Comers and her performance in “Silver Spear” won the first prize.
In 2009, she obtained the honorary title of “China Opera Plum Blossom-Golden Flower”.