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Fan Jinqiu

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Fan Jinqiu     Domicile of origin: Shandong Province         Born in 1961
              An expert in playing ladies ( Tsing Yi)  
National First-Level Actress 
The Council Member of Dalian City Dramatists Association

Fan Jinqiu graduated from Peking Opera Department of Dalian Art School in 1977. She learnt from Wen Zhanping, Yang Qiuwen, Zhang Peiyu when she was in school. In 1983, she asked Lv Dongming to be her mentor and specialized in the performing art of Cheng’s School. In the 1990s, Fan Jinqiu followed predecessors—Zhao Rongchen, Wang Yinqiu—who were the famous artists of Cheng’s School to perform so that she learnt the romantic charm of Cheng’s School. Her solid basic skills with deep and resounding voice show her proficiency in Cheng’s style. The common plays she often performs include Snow in Midsummer, The Lucky Purse, The Jade Hairpin, Queen Dowager Was Furious, The Peacock Files Southeast, Zhuan Yingtai Refuse to Marry, Tears of Huangshan, etc. In 1999, Fan Jinqiu unprecedentedly performed “Duan Zhi Ji” without any existing models could be imitated and learnt. However, she made the female leading role by giving full play to singing, stating and doing with Cheng’s School Art, and launched a rare good performance of Cheng’s School rhythm. This play got the highest praises and gained the Excellent Performance Awards of Liaoning Province the Fifth Art Festival.
Fan Jinqiu has visited many countries and regions include Holland, Germany, Belgium, and HongKong.