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Li Ping

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Li Ping, with ancestral home in Shandong Province, was born in 1959. Now she is the state first-class artist, Peking Opera Blues, member of China Theatre Association and vice president of Dalian Theatre Association.
Li Ping was a student of Peking Opera Division, in Dalian Art School and studied with Wen Zhanping, Rong Lijuan. After her graduation in 1977, she continued to study with the remarkable artists in cluding Wei Lianfang, Bi Guyun, Zhang Zhengfang, Hu Zhifeng, etc. In 1990 and 1992, she began to study with Guan Xiaoshuang and Liu Xiurong respectively. Her mostly frequent performances are White Snake, Flowers Princess, Iron Bow, A Women Kills Four Schools, Women General of Yang Family, Farewell to My Concubine, etc. Her appearance of an actress in costume and makeup is pretty, handsome and demure with clear and sweet voice and solid professional foundation. She is equally at home on performing all kinds of characters and is accomplished with both the pen and the sword. The characters she performed are the audiences’ favorites, such as Bai Suzhen, Flower Princess, Chen Xiuying, Yu Ji, Chen Miaochang, etc. For dozens of years, she was not only active in stage at home, but also has successively visited more than twenty countries and regions and is warmly welcomed by the overseas audience.
In 1986, she won the excellent performance award in Young Actor Award of Liaoning Province Beijing Pingju.
In 1991, she won the best performance award in World Capital of Kites China Peking Opera Actor Tournament.
In 1994, she was awarded the Fourth Drama Plum Blossom Prize