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Yang Chi

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Yang Chi is the director of Dalian Peking Opera House, State First-Class Artist, an excellent successor of Yuan’s group, the vice-president of Dalian Literature and Art Association, the vice-president of Chinese Dramatists Association Liaoning Branch, the president of Dalian Dramatists Association, the member of the 11th and 12th national CPPCC, the member of the 8th and 9th CPPCC in Liaoning province, the vice-president of the 9th Youth Association in Liaoning province. He is also the national top prize winner of Drama Plum Blossom Prize, the Golden Award in Peking Opera Mei Lanfang, Wen Hua outstanding performance prize, etc. Owing to his diversified facial appearance, he is well hailed as the Versatile Painted Face.
In 1961, Yang Chi was born in Dalian. He went to Dalian Art School to learn Peking Opera in 1972, he was once taught by Liu Jinchang, and then he gained the benefit from the teaching of Li Changchun and Fang Rongxiang. His assiduousness at school laid a strong foundation for him. In 1982, he became the student of Yuan Shihai who was a renowned art master of Peking Opera. Upon his rich and splendid voice, glamorous gestures and position, excellent integration of literary and artistic ability, outstanding tune, speaking, performance etc. in Peking Opera and great resemblance to Yuan Shihai in terms of external image and internal temperament, he won the admiration from Yuan Shihai. Their relationship was like father and son, the teacher was generous to impart, the student was eager to learn, they had maintained the contact for over 20 years, learning from each other and horning their skills. Hence Yang Chi inherited the essence from his teacher and became the best successor of the art with Yuan characteristic.
Since 1980s, Yang Chi gradually had a rising reputation, his influence spread extensively domestically and abroad. He visited over 20 countries and region back and forth, namely Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, etc, and he received a widespread praise everywhere he went. His artistic skill became more mature upon his further study in the graduate level of China Drama Institute in 1996. His regular performance included: Jiujiang Port, Farewell to My Concubine, Juelong Ridge, General and Premier Make Up, etc. His roles of Zhang Dingbian, Li Kui, Cao Cao, Xiang Yu, Wen Zhong, Lian Po, etc had larger-than-life personality and life-like image. In recent years, he bore the responsibility of carrying forward and developing the art with Yuan characteristic and spared no effort to promote it. In 1999, he readapted Hsi-men Pao from the Peking Opera with Yuan characteristic, and put it on the stage, adding more luster to it. He successively gave the performance dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the founding of PRC, and was highly commented in all fields as well as awarded many art prizes. In the end of 2002, Mr. Yuan Shihai passed away, in order to save the life the art with Yuan characteristic; Yang Chi successively performed some classic Peking Opera from Yuan art, namely Li Kui Calls upon His Mother, Wild Boar Forest, etc. He also held many special performance of Yuan art. In 2008, on the basis of inheriting Yuan art, he introduced a newly-adapted chronicle play Wind Rain Apricot Yellow Flag, which was awarded the gold prize in China Peking Opera Festival, and he finally completed Li Kui Trilogy. Yang Chi makes a positive exploration in inheriting and promoting Yuan art and becomes a champion of Yuan art in the new era. 
Appendix:Honorary Title
Awarded one of the Dalian 10 Outstanding Young People title in 1994
Awarded Labor Paragon of Liaoning province in 1995
Awarded Good Reputation of Morality and Art title in 1999
Awarded excellent expert of Liaoning province title in 2002
Awarded excellent expert of Dalian City title in 2006
Awarded excellent expert of Liaoning province title in 2010
Awarded excellent expert of Liaoning province title in 2012
Awarded the Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Prize in 1991
Awarded the Mei Lanfang Gold Prize in 1994
Awarded the 9th Wen Hua Performance Prize presented by ministry of culture in 2000
Awarded the Protagonist Prize in 12th Shanghai Bai Yulan artistic performance in 2002
Awarded the Gold Prize in the 5th China Peking Opera Festival due to his outstanding performance in Wind Rain Apricot Yellow Flag in 2008
Awarded the Excellent Performance Prize in the 8th Liaoning Art Festival Government Wen Hua Prize due to his outstanding performance in Wind Rain Apricot Yellow Flag in 2010