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Hongji Grand Stage
Hongji Grand Stage, established in October 2010, subordinated to Dalian Peking Opera Theater, featuring in Chinese history and culture, is a large-scale art theatre integrated of performance and banquet. Taking advantage of unique business model and abundant resources, Hongji Grand Stage is committed to enriching and enlivening Dalian tourism and culture industry, especially when introducing Chinese history and culture to tourists and guests abroad.
Bluestone, log, tile carving, wood carving and stone carving are here and there in Hongji Grand Stage, in which you will totally immerse yourselves in the Chinese style. There are about ten charted rooms, antique hall, VIP zones of three floors. In the rest room, old-fashioned square table for eight people and modern sofa are side by side, profoundly shocks your eyes.
What belongs to an ethnic group also belongs to the world. Taking Popularizing the Essence of Ethnic Food Culture as its responsibility, Hongji Grand Stage blends ethnic architectural culture, ethnic food culture, and ethnic performance culture together, which is what Hongji people have been doing. Mixing building, food and performance together, Hongji Grand Stage has an edge on increasing fierce market competition. 
Hongji Grand Stage is appointed by foreign affairs department as an important venue to hold foreign affairs. In addition, it also can accommodate tens of thousands overseas tourists or undertakes varied large-scale activities for famous companies at home and abroad. Hongji Grand Stage will become an important window to display Chinese culture and an indispensable content for Dalian tourism.
Art Show
In addition to abundant foods, amazing performance becomes one important part for the theatre. In the first floor hall, there is distinctive performance well prepared for people. The trump card shows include Sichuan Opera Face, acrobatics and magic show, Chinese folk art forms, contortion, Chinese martial arts, comic talk, opera, story-telling in Beijing dialect with drum accompaniment, etc. All actors are graduated from professional schools and most of them are first-class actors. In the theatre, Chinese food and performance are perfectly in harmony.
Theatre Function
As the first theatre in Dalian both featuring in Chinese history and culture and combining performance and banquet together, Hongji Grand Stage possesses elegant and classic holistic environment and modern theatre facilities. With grand stage showing Chinese traditional culture, the theatre significantly represents noble Chinese culture to people.
Performance Hall
With covering area of 500 m2 and equipped with rest rooms, the theatre performance hall has 6 luxurious compartments with direct view to the stage. The multi-functional hall, covering 120 m2, in the third floor can be used to hold parties and small banquets. All tables and chairs in the theatre can be set differently for different purpose to receive people from 200 to 300 concurrently. Besides, temperature control facilities are well equipped to create a comfortable environment to people.
Stage Mechanical Equipment
With the width of 14 meters and depth of 18 meters, the proscenium is installed 40 electric booms and one electric screen. The stage lifting system covers two 4-meter long lifting platform and one large high definition LED screen, which can meet the demand of various performances.
Lighting Equipment
There are about 700 lighting devices in the theatre, inclusive of about 400 regular lights, about 300 special effect lights. Fully equipped with various lights, the theatre can meet all demands of different activities and performance.
Sound and Video Equipment
The sound system of the theatre demonstrates the architectural acoustics effect with EAW, LA325 full range system and double 6.5 inch squawkers. In the VIP box, there is center-channel system for sound interpolation and ten surround speakers fixed around the box. Applying dolby digital logic, AC-3 and DTS5.1 channel decoding technology, the theatre display an perfect surround sound effect to people.